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Three days in Taormina

Located on the east coast of Sicily, Taormina is one of the most flourishing tourist expressions of the island. With the Etna volcano nearby and the crystal clear sea that bathes its beaches, it is ideal for a trip alone or in company.

Whether in summer or in winter, three days are perfect for fully visiting the splendid Sicilian city. Among the many attractions of this town in the Messina area, some cannot be absolutely forgotten.


First day

What makes the centre of Taormina unique? Among the many places of interest, the Ancient Theatre stands out for its fame and longevity, dating back to the Greco-Roman age and still in use today. After the decline during the Middle Ages (when it was even converted into a private palace), from the fifties of the last century the structure was again used for various forms of outdoor performances, ranging from theatrical performances to concerts, from award ceremony of the David di Donatello up to the Opera. Excavated in the rock, the background of the theatre is enriched, at the bottom, by the Ionian Sea, while above its perimeter Etna, the largest active volcano on the European continent, reaches imposingly towards the sky. A breathtaking scenery like this certainly deserves to be seen - and experienced - with the awareness of admiring a unique and timeless spectacle.


Second day 

After the excitement and wonder aroused by the Ancient Theatre of Taormina, it is time for an immersion in the folklore of the town, animated by a lively and picturesque tone that pervades all the alleys of the historic centre. Take Corso Umberto, the main street of the historic centre - and of the entire village - and enjoy the delicious opportunity to observe the colourful costumes and savour the fine flavours of authentic Sicily. Bordered to the north by Porta Messina and to the south by Porta Catania, this road was once an integral part of the longer and wider Via Valeria which, crossing the whole city and then descending towards the sea, connected Messina with Catania. In addition to shops and clubs that exude all the taste of the typical and genuine Sicilian tradition, the Corso has important structures and famous buildings belonging to different styles and eras, ranging from the Arab to the Norman, from Gothic to Baroque. Right in the vicinity of Porta Catania there is the city's Cathedral, the cathedral of San Nicolò di Bari, an authentic jewel crowded with ecstatic tourists who visit Taormina daily.


Third day

Whether you visit Taormina in summer or winter, dedicate your third day on the island to the sea. The name of the favourite destination of Taormina is already a clear summary of what awaits you: “Isola Bella” (Beautiful Island) indicates a small strip of land also called "pearl of the Mediterranean". The very short distance of the island from the city coast is sometimes even cancelled out by the low tide, which transforms it, in a few moments, into a real peninsula. What makes this uninhabited island a pearl of rare beauty? In addition to the 12 autonomous residences now in disuse (but still open to visitors), the Oriented Nature Reserve is the irresistible attraction of the island. The latter, in fact, contains a large variety of flora and fauna, as well as a marine environment rich in shipwrecks and archaeological finds. Since November 1988, the site has been declared a protected natural area by the Region of Sicily. You cannot say that you have seen all the beauties of Taormina if you have not been on this island.

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