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The queen with a thousand faces, Taormina is a real trip through the marvels of history. Thanks to its special position on the sea, its deeply ancient heritage and archaeological treasures, this is one of the most fascinating places in Sicily. Not to mention the bustling restaurants and shops of the town which offer a real flavour of local life. Live a experience to last a lifetime.  

Greek Theatre

The ancient theatre (teatro antico) of Taormina is a truly majestic testimony of a legendary past. This impressive architectural structure was erected in the 3rd century BC, its unmistakable Greek character evident in its fascinating atmosphere, somewhere between history and myth. Lose yourself in imagining the gladiator shows of centuries past, against the backdrop of the Ionian coast and Mount Etna.

Piazza IX Aprile viewpoint

A terrace overlooking the sea is surely the most elegant living room in town: the Piazza IX Aprile is all this. Stroll through the main piazza of Taormina, stop and be captivated by the beauty of the view that opens in front of you. On one side is Castelmola and the bay of Naxos, on the other you can trace the evocative profile of the Isola Bella and the Blue Grotto. A few steps away, the bustle of town brings you back to reality.

Taormina Cathedral

A cathedral disguised as a fortress, a building that has survived Sicily’s turbulent history, changing its faces as needed. First built in the thirteenth century, the Cathedral (Duomo) of Taormina has been destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries. The crenelated cathedral, built from large stone blocks, houses some masterpieces, like a polyptych by Antonio de Saliba.

Villa Comunale

When you need some peace, take refuge in the green oasis of the Villa Comunale di Taormina. These large public gardens were donated by Lady Florence Trevelyan in the 1920s, and offer a pleasant break from the clamour of the town. In typical English style, the park is full of colourful plants and flowers, and exotic buildings. The view to Mount Etna is a stunning extra surprise.

Corso Umberto I

The main thoroughfare of Taormina is the centre of life and attractions for visitors from all over the world. Corso Umberto I was named after the Italian king Umberto I of Savoy, and is full of unique sights, like the “teste di moro” or ceramic Moorish heads in the windows. Follow the flow, savour the fragrant smells of local cooking, stop into a fashion boutique. To relax, take refuge in the picturesque side streets.

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